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Central Disputes System: Protecting SA Online Gamblers

The mark of any trustworthy online casino is if they have any regulatory and mediatory body they’ve signed up to. Without this, we wouldn’t recommend our top SA online gambling sites. The sites that we feature on Casino ZA recognise the authority of the Central Disputes System (CDS).

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Let’s take a look at who the CDS are, their role in the online gambling industry, and how South African players can use their services.

What is the Central Disputes System?

The CDS is the standalone system for settling disputes between players and online casino operators. It’s run by Realtime Gaming (RTG)and is only available to casinos that use RTG software. This means that when a casino operator buys RTG casino games, they have to recognise the authority of the CDS and its mediators.

Central Disputes System Role

If a South African player has exhausted all possible avenues for resolving a dispute with a SA casino using RTG software, they can approach the CDS. While RTG gives casino operators space to set promotions, jackpot awards, bonuses etc., they step in if there’s a problem that can’t be solved through direct channels.

The CDS will require the assistance of the company and RTG to investigate the issue. The process of investigating a dispute can range from three weeks to six weeks depending on how big and severe the case is.

How to Use the CDS

South African players that are struggling with a gambling site can access the Central Disputes System through their online form. It’s important to note that players need to have familiarised themselves with the terms and conditions of the casino operator in case they missed something. More importantly, claims must be submitted within 60 days of the date of dispute!

  1. They simply need to scroll to the bottom of the casino’s page and look for the CDS logo.
  2. Click on it and they’ll be taken directly to the player dispute form.
  3. Fill in the form and submit.
  4. They must wait until the Central Disputes System gets in touch with them. They should avoid using the accounts listed until the dispute has been resolved.

Any casino using RTG software is subject to the mediatory powers of the Central Disputes System. The following casinos make use of RTG and the CDS mediatory body.